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CofC Upward Bound Vision

The Upward Bound program at the College of Charleston envisions the following for its students and for the program itself:

  • Upward Bound students are known leaders, both academically and socially, within their schools and communities
  • Our students maintain high grade point averages in addition to testing well, particularly on standardized tests (ACT and SAT), which opens up more opportunity and increases options for college applications and acceptance
  • Students are accepted to a wide range of higher education institutions, with significant non- loan based financial support
  • Upward Bound students are knowledgeable and are strong in their ability to seek out and utilize available resources
  • Upward Bound students are future-focused while being able to set and meet short term goals that benefit their current and future ambitions
  • Our students are independent thinkers and consistently take responsible action
  • The Upward Bound program continues to develop and strengthen its offering of individualized service to each student through academic counseling and various levels of mentoring
  • The Upward Bound program works with students on identifying and planning possible and appropriate career pathways that fit their ideas and strengths
  • Upward Bound establishes strong partnerships within the community, the College and other institutions, as well as each target school
  • Upward Bound students are resilient and have the ability to proceed through adversity in order to learn from it instead of being side-tracked or conquered by it
  • Upward Bound students are always COLLEGE-READY!

printable pdf of Our Vision