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Upward Bound and Pre-College Programs

Providing the Tools to Build Academic and Social Success in High School, College and Beyond.

Successes from 2015 for Upward Bound:

  • All  (100%) of our graduates from class of 2015 are currently in enrolled at either community/technical college or a 4 year college or university  
  • Visited 9 college campuses in 4 different states
  • 80% of our students are in the top 30% of their class, including one school in which Upward Bounders consist of the entire top-10 of the graduating class of 2016 and two students who have the top GPA in their grades (Valedictorian) – at two different schools.
  • One of our recent graduates (Uzuri Boatright, 2013) returned as keynote speaker for our 2015 graduation ceremony (she is on Full Scholarship at USC –Columbia) 

Successes from the Staff

  • Look what former Upward Bound staff member, Matt Foley, is doing now

Take a look at What We Do and What We Offer below

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What is Upward Bound?

  • The Upward Bound Program has been sponsored by the College of Charleston since 1975.
  • We are a college preparatory program designed to generate in its participants the skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond high school. 
  • We provide special academic, cultural, and mentoring opportunities for a limited number of first-generation high school students who have demonstrated the potential and interest to succeed in post-secondary education.

What do we do?  

Upward Bound Session Schedule for 2015-2016

What is our Mission?

  • To provide the tools to build academic and social success in high school, college and beyond. 

Connect with Us

 Mr. Talim Lessane, Director

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